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Alcatraz Depot [LR]: A Rogue base. Rogues are known associates of petty criminals and are believed to be involved in illegal drug trafficking.

Battleship Yukon [LN]: Deployed in orbit around California, the Battleship Yukon is part of the Liberty Navy’s effort to keep a close eye on Lane Hackers and to crack down on pirate activity. It is also used as a base for patrolling the Trade Lanes to and from Magellan and Cortez that are plagued by pirate attacks.

California Minor [Planetform]: A small icy planet with an unusually active volcanic system. Previously considered unsuitable for conventional terraforming, Planetform Inc. has designed a new process to channel the planet’s enormous subterranean stores of geothermal energy. Despite harsh conditions, the potential for jobs has attracted coarse, manual laborers to its few hospitable areas.

Planet Los Angeles [LPI]: Mostly covered in deep salt water oceans, Los Angeles was popular among upper-class Manhattanites before terraforming efforts failed during the Great California Drought of 543 A.S. The planet's popularity has resurged with the economic windfall generated by Synth Foods. Synth Foods has perfected an engineered plant matter that can flourish in harsh environments and then processed into Synth Paste. The booming technology market recently induced Ageira Technologies to locate an optical chip plant here.

Planet Mojave [DSE]: A common landmark along the trade lane between the New York Jump Gate and Los Angeles, the planet of Mojave has recently undergone extensive terraforming operations. It now contains a small but thriving base, which prospers from being in a location suitable for acting as a trading station between the Florida and California systems.

Uprostred cesty medzi bránou z New Yorku a Los Angeles sa nachádza planéta Mojave, ktorá len nedávno prešla rozsiahlou teraformovacou operáciou. Teraz sa na nej nachádza malá, ale prosperujúca základna, ktorá bohatne hlavne vdaka svojmu umiestneniu - ako obchodná stanica na ceste z Californie do Floridy.

San Diego Border Station [LPI]: San Diego Border Station monitors the Magellan Jump Gate to stem the rise of criminal activity throughout the area, particularly that of Lane Hackers, Rogues, and Outcasts. The facility is entirely owned and operated by Liberty Police, Inc. (LPI) and its support staff.

Wilard Research Station [LN]: Willard Research Station operates under the auspices of the Liberty Navy. Its research is classified.
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