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Next up - what we have here is a totally new house. This house has a history with it, and its a the house of Romanov. They have 4 systems, are linked off of Sigma 13, and are fairly sparse as they are only really just grabbing a foothold. They have pirates in the form of The Lane Hackers. They will give out missions against the lane hackers, fight the lane hackers, fight you if your rep is negative (so watch who your shooting!), and the lane hackers will give out missions against them. They have the Federation Forces, and Federation Shipping corporation. However, here are a few ships that they fly. These ships were modeled by Firebase, and are available in his ship pack. Firebase gave us permission to include new textures that were created by Panther X for the ships. Their technology is slightly different, so all of thier ships mount dual thrusters. The mod includes alot more than just ships, infact, ships are a minor part of this mod. Their is a whole new range of equipment and things.


There is a long kind of detailed story behind Romanov that separates them from the Coalition nations, so there is no plans at the moment to be adding any more coalition type houses. The whole thing is loosely based on Russian history, remember this is fiction we are talking about, and a story that occurs over 1000 years after the Russian Czars. Things don´t have to be exact, and they don´t have to have their true emblems that they had in true history. It is just as closely tied to it´s true heritage as Rheinland, Liberty, Kusari, and Bretonia. Which is to say, not very much aside from using some names and so forth.  


Vo verzii 1.27 ešte ruské systémy neexistovali.
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